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Wealth Manager

In order to benefit from the imminent modifications of the financial market regulations, Reuss will help you with the adjustment of your business model.


Private Clients

Thanks to the right size, we can offer you the entire range of products and services while remaining independent.


Client Advisors

The infrastructure and financial market experts at Reuss Private will support you in setting up your own business.


Fixed Income

The Reuss Private Fixed Income team can look back on over 100 years of valuable experience in managing portfolios and of servicing a demanding clientele in the capital markets.


Asset Management

The Reuss Private Asset Management Team has more than 100 years of portfolio management and investment experience. The Investment Committee defines asset allocation and investment decisions based on fundamental data from over a dozen leading research providers.


Platform for Wealth Managers

We offer a platform for wealth managers with tailor-made solutions, a modern infrastructure, facilitated direct access to leading Swiss custodian banks including cross-border advice to EU clients.


Bruttoumsatz wächst dank positiver Börsenentwicklung um 44 Prozent (ohne erfolgsabhängige Umsatzbestandteile: + 24 Prozent) | Konzerngewinn (nach Steuern und Zinsen) steigt von CHF 2 Millionen auf rund CHF 2.2 Millionen | Verwaltetes Volumen nimmt um 30 Prozent auf CHF 11.7 Milliarden zu | Gesamtes administriertes Volumen (inkl. verwaltetes Volumen) wächst um 4.5 Prozent auf CHF 36 Milliarden

Reuss Private Group is expanding its offerings in the domain of cross-border services and regulation. The range of international services is to be placed under the umbrella of the new subsidiary Reuss Private Access. The company is led by the two financial experts Viktor Fischer and Pino Becker, who joined the Group at the start of this year.

Die Reuss Private Group erweitert ihr Angebot im Bereich Cross-Border Dienstleistungen und -Regulierungen. Das grenzüberschreitende Servicespektrum wird in der neuen Tochtergesellschaft Reuss Private Access gebündelt. Geführt wird das Unternehmen von den beiden Finanzexperten Viktor Fischer und Pino Becker, die bereits zum Jahreswechsel zur Gruppe stiessen.

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